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Popularity of 'EOS' soaring

With over 900 companies and over 3000 users registered, clients of ALS UK’s online portal ‘EOS’ are becoming ever more reliant on our system. Since its launch in 2009, EOS has ……


ALS customer approval now at 98.5%

For the past two years, our dedicated Customer Service Team at Chatteris has been contacting customers every week to find out what they think about our service. This survey – one of the most c……


ALS acquires the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA)

ALS is proud to announce that it has obtained the approval to use the ILAC MRA Mark on their certificates of analyse. This distinction is a worldwide recognition by the ILAC (International Laborator……


ALS Foods & Pharmaceutical now offer water testing to CFPP guidelines

ALS prides itself on keeping pace with the latest changes in the marketplace, whether it be technology or innovation-led or policy-led. For example, as a result of changes within the healthcare envi……


Eclipse Scientific Group now trading as ALS Food and Pharmaceutical

As of today - 1st October - Eclipse Scientific Group will be trading as 'ALS'. This change represents the final part of a gradual re-branding process that began back in April shortly after…


Eclipse launches new Consultancy service

Eclipse Scientific Group is delighted to announce the launch of a new Consultancy service. Eclipse has over 30 years’ experience of offering a wide range of high quality analytical testing s…