Monday 1st October 2012

As of today - 1st October - Eclipse Scientific Group will be trading as 'ALS'.

This change represents the final part of a gradual re-branding process that began back in April shortly after the ALS Group acquired Eclipse.

As Sales and Marketing Director, Nigel Richards comments, "The integration of Eclipse into the ALS family over the past few months has gone extremely well, helped in large part by the fact that ALS share the same core values and the same commitment to delivering great customer service. We are delighted to be part of such a successful and forward-looking organisation and are excited by the challenges that lie ahead."

All future e-mail correspondence should now be addressed as follows:

With effect from today all test certificates and invoices will carry only the ALS logo. However, please note that the scope of our accreditation and approval remain unchanged as do payment arrangements and the legal status of the company.

In addition, customers can still access our industry-leading web-based portal 'EOS' through the home page of our website (

If you have any queries regarding this change please contact our Customer Services Team on 10354 697 028.