ALS gain accreditation from the Institute of Food Science Technology for the foundation level Sensory Evaluation Course

Tuesday 16th March 2021

ALS are pleased to announce that they now hold accredited by the Institute of Food Science Technology (IFST) for their Sensory Evaluation Course (Foundation level). The IFST are the UK’s leading professional body for those involved in all aspects of food science and technology. They are an internationally respected independent membership body, supporting food professionals through knowledge sharing with professional recognition in the industry.

Our Sensory facilities located in South Yorkshire are available for Sensory Testing, Cooking Validation services and Training courses in these fields. We already offer a full range of technical workshops in Microbiology, Nutritional chemistry, Allergen testing and Pesticide testing. In addition to these, our Consultancy Team now offer a NEW range of Sensory Testing and Cooking Validation courses.

Evaluating the sensory characteristics of a product is a powerful tool which can be called upon to inform decision-making during all stages of a product life cycle (quality control, shelf life, storage and packaging conditions, benchmarking, consumer preferences).

Effective sensory testing is driven by setting clear objectives, developing robust experimental strategy and design, applying appropriate statistical techniques, complying with good ethical practices and delivering mindful data to support decision-making process.

Sensory and Cooking Validation courses include:

  • Sensory Evaluation - Foundation level – Accredited by the IFST
  • Setting up a sensory project
  • Panel leader
  • Descriptive profile methods
  • Consumer tests
  • Cooking instructions generation and cooking validation

About the NEW Sensory Evaluation Foundation Level Course

This course is for those with basic knowledge or who are new to sensory science. The course aims to provide an introduction to the principles of sensory science, the human senses and how they are used in sensory evaluation, the different sensory methodologies and the best practices when conducting these methods.

This course includes practical demonstrations of some of the most common sensory tests, as well as practical activities to illustrate the factors that can impact sensory perception. This course has been accredited by the IFST in November 2020 - Attendees will therefore get the opportunity to sit an exam and gain a qualification in Sensory evaluation at foundation level.

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