ALS & Our People - Celebrating Our Core Values

Wednesday 4th March 2020

A company is nothing without its people. ALS recognises the huge value that our employees represent, whether it is interacting with our customers, testing samples in the labs or ensuring our offices are clean and comfortable – every single ALS employee makes a difference, day in, day out.

ALS is a company of high performers. If you want to work hard and grow as an individual, we want you to work with us. We endeavour to create an environment that will ensure you have a great time, as well as interesting work and making new friends.

Developing people is as simple as it sounds and while we have always believed in developing our team with many programmes already delivering great results, we will now drive forward our commitment to people development and generate new and exciting opportunities and programmes to ensure that our employees continue to feel valued and are given the opportunities they deserve.

ALS core values trust

ALS core values Believe

ALS core values celebrating success

ALS core values People Development

ALS core values Try

ALS core values Reach higher

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ALS core values Safety as a Priority