ALS Technical Bulletin - 200th Chemistry Edition

Thursday 18th March 2021

This month (March) saw us reach a new milestone within ALS with the publication of the 200th edition of our popular monthly Chemistry Bulletin.

The author of every one of these bulletins is Dr Jack Chudy. Jack began his long and distinguished career in food analysis with the Laboratory of the Government Chemist before moving on to work for Cadbury Schweppes and Voelcker Science. When Voelcker were bought out by the Eclipse Scientific Group (who were later acquired by ALS) Jack was asked to start up the ESG Chemistry Bulletin and this has continued after Jack moved into a consultancy role with the business.

Over the course of the past 8 years, Jack has formed half of a formidable ‘double act’ alongside Andy Muirhead, our Company Microbiologist, who has complied a Microbiology-themed monthly technical bulletin since 2013. These bulletins are packed full of useful topical information which will be of relevance to anyone working within the food manufacturing or food retailing sector. In addition, they are available free of charge to all ALS clients via our on-line portal, ALSolutions.

Technical Bulletin

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