FAQ Publications Launches on our Client Portal ALSolutions

Tuesday 25th May 2021

As part of the continued ALS commitment to clients, a new feature has launched on our client portal ALSolutions – FAQ Publications.

In response to the areas where clients often require support from the ALS experts, the FAQ Publications area has been developed to provide an online library of support for users of ALSolutions.

Located within the Knowledge Base module the documents are available to be downloaded.

There are currently 63 documents available to users to download which will continue to grow over time.

Examples of topics currently available include:

» What is a STEC E.coli?
» Listeria Enumeration and Detection Method
» What Are “Presumptive Pathogens” and Why Do They Not Always Confirm?
» How to Take a Factory Water Sample
» Environmental Monitoring – What Should it include?

Clicking on the ‘Tags’ tab on screen will allow users to search for documents containing key words. E.g. HACCP or Pathogen.

For any assistance using the feature on ALSolutions please contact the support team: [email protected]

If you have any questions relating to any documented topics please contact the consultancy team: [email protected]global.com