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These Webinar Sessions & Courses are delivered by our highly qualified experts with many years of experience in the industry via an online meeting platform, providing you with the safest most comfortable way to continue with your professional development.

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19th November 2020

Duration: 60 minutes

Speaker - Audrey L’Yvonnet –ALS Sensory Study Manager

Cost: £30+VAT

The first step for setting up a quality control or descriptive taste panel is to recruit and select panellists for their abilities to detect and identify the 5 basic tastes. Most of us can detect and identify the basic tastes at high concentrations, however you will be surprised that a small amount of people actually pass the taste screening step! It is because we select the panellists who have the greatest sensitivity to perform taste assessment on food products.

This webinar details the preparation of a taste screening session, from both theoretical and practical points of view. You will first learn about the preliminary steps of screening panellists:

  • How to advertise your needs
  • How to choose between internal or external panellists? What are the advantages and drawbacks?
  • What personal data do you need to record?
  • What is the best time to schedule a taste session?

We will then talk about the preparation of the taste solutions, as well as the best practices for organising and running an efficient session. Useful tips and advice will be shared!

sensory testing

Sensory panel

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15th December 2020

Duration: 60 minutes

Speaker - Audrey L’Yvonnet –ALS Sensory Study Manager

Cost: £30+VAT

Consumer tests generally fall into either qualitative or quantitative tests. Qualitative tests, often focus groups, are designed to elicit information about consumer desires and to probe consumers’ minds for clues to purchase behaviour or further understanding of acceptance measures.

Conversely, quantitative tests, e.g. preference or acceptance tests, are designed to give data that indicate how many people prefer a product, how much they like the product or what they perceive about specific attributes.

Consumer testing is therefore a key part of the product development process, providing useful information for the product brand-positioning, marketing or post-launch optimisation.

This webinar provides an insight of the fundamental principles of consumer tests. We will talk about the main applications of qualitative and quantitative consumer tests and how they can help you design successful products. We will answer questions such as:

  • Quantitative or qualitative test? Which is the best to suit your objectives?
  • How to select appropriate consumers for the testing?
  • How to choose the best test location?
  • How to design the questionnaire?



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