As part of our on-going investment in technology, ALS has developed ‘ALS Solutions’ - an industry-leading client portal made up of seven continually developing modules which provide instant access to all the relevant information you need to take the most important decisions when dealing with the safety of your products.

At ALS we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exceptional service with uncompromising quality and integrity. We view our clients as partners and by taking this approach we are able to grow together, providing a service that not only meets their needs now but in the future too.

To ensure we continue to lead in this diverse and ever changing industry, we invest significantly in innovation and embrace emerging technologies, pushing the boundaries of efficiency and quality. By partnering with ALS, you will experience scientific testing and reporting at its very best. ALS Solutions is the perfect tool to assist you in managing your due diligence testing programme.

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As a trusted food safety partner, we give you access to an extensive knowledge base and an intuitive training platform whilst also providing a secure and confidential place for your data.

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WebTrieve is the module that most ALS clients will already be familiar with. It provides a clear and traceable record of the samples that are submitted to our laboratories as well as a standardised approach to data entry for all client users. The standardised approach for sample registration makes searching, trending and generating reports for Technical Managers and Food Technologists possible within a few simple clicks.

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Horizon Scanning

Horizon scanning is a technique for detecting early signs of potentially important developments through a systematic examination of potential threats and opportunities within the Industry.

The method calls for determining what is constant, what changes, and what is constantly changing. It explores novel and unexpected issues as well as persistent problems and trends, including matters that have not been considered and to some extent could potentially challenge past assumptions and Industry expectations.

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A solid ‘scan of the horizon’ can provide the background to develop strategies for anticipating future developments or potential risks and thereby take the appropriate actions in due time. It can also be a way to assess trends to feed into a product development process or new technology solution.

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As part of any food safety requirements within a manufacturing environment, control over contamination risk and hygiene should be demonstrated. This is achieved by a comprehensive environmental monitoring program.

All monitoring programs need to be maintained, scheduled and monitored based upon the perceived risk and the control measures in place.

Without a robust and simple method for visualising this information, the decision making process could be slowed down and potentially lead to some safety issues.


Having a tool to be able to visualise all results in one glance provides a clear picture of the on-going critical points and highlight locations that will require attention.

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We believe our business is built on our people and their development is a key part of ensuring that our business is sustainable and that we can provide a good service to our clients.

ALS has seen a rise in demand for affordable training in a diverse range of subjects. ALS provide training courses focused on the topical issues affecting everyone working in today’s fast-moving food & beverage industry. Courses are delivered by our highly qualified experts with many years of practical and professional industry experience. All attendees will receive an ALS training academy certificate upon completion of the course.

Trainees can develop new and existing skills both practically and behaviourally.


Our Training academy facilities can be used for by our clients, to allow them to gain some “hands on experience” in a practical laboratory environment. Bespoke microbiology training courses at any levels can also been created using the ALS Training Academy facilities or on our clients’ site.

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As the industry becomes more globalised, food legislation has had to evolve to regulate food safety among nations in the world. Large institutions such as the FAO and WHO are responsible setting global standards.

The food industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the world, and as it affects the health and wellbeing of so many people and animals, the industry is heavily legislated. All parties that handle food and feed in anyway are responsible for keeping up to date with food law.

With more than thousand of legislation pieces relating to food & feed keeping up to date with changes in such a rapidly evolving industry can prove daunting, especially as the consequences of missing important changes can be severe.


The ALS Solutions Legislation service keeps track of all changes to the most important pieces of regulation and legislation ensuring that the information that we provide is always the most up to date. The service we provide tracks major changes across the UK, EU and the USA.

Legislation can often be difficult to understand and interpret, that is why guidance notes from industry regulatory bodies are often released to assist with this.


However, most supplementary documents are rarely publicised and many industry personnel are not aware of their existence when they are released.

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Consulting ALS

Our Consultancy Team is part of our Quality Department which is widely recognised as being among the best in the Food Testing Industry. We are now able to share this expertise with you as part of our new consultancy service.

Our service is targeted at those working as part of Quality / Technical departments within a food manufacturing environment and for those working within an accredited or non-accredited laboratory environment.

We will work closely with you to understand your needs in Food Safety, Good Manufacturing Practice, Laboratory Accreditation, Management and Interpretation of Testing Results and Quality Management Systems.

We offer competitive prices which can be tailored to meet both your operational and commercial requirements.

The module also includes a comprehensive document repository for the Consultancy Solutions ALS can offer: Troubleshooting and Trending reports, Product Labeling, Marketability reports, etc.

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An online tool for creating audit templates, questionnaires or checklists.

It allows you to complete your audit directly within your manufacturing environment, to monitor the progression of your findings and corrective actions.

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The Production specifications module provides a solution to approve and maintain suppliers to ensure acceptable standards of Food Safety, Authenticity, Trading & Legality, and Quality.

This module also provides the perfect framework to maintain the product general information and specification requirements from the NPD phase to the manufacturing and packaging phases.

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