Why you Need it.

As part of any food safety requirements within a manufacturing environment, control over contamination risk and hygiene should be demonstrated. This is achieved by a comprehensive environmental monitoring program.

All monitoring programs need to be maintained, scheduled and monitored based upon the perceived risk and the control measures in place.

Without a robust and simple method for visualising this information, the decision making process could be slowed down and potentially lead to some safety issues.

Food production visuALS page

Having a tool to be able to visualise all results in one glance provides a clear picture of the on-going critical points and highlight locations that will require attention.

What do we provide?

ALS provide a platform called VisuALS that allows food manufacturers to display results from their testing over a floor plan or a schematic.

This visualisation makes trends easier to spot and gives a quick and clear understanding of where the potential issues are located within the environment.

Each location or sampling point is assigned to a co-ordinate on the floor plan or schematic. Once the results are available on WebTrieve they can be displayed on to the floor plan allowing to immediately visualise results and highlight any areas which may require attention.

VisuALSs factory floor

The system can be set to link new samples sent for testing to their co-ordinates automatically or alternatively historical results can be associated to existing co-ordinates.

Having all the results displayed in a meaningful way allows to see any developing trends. This information can help to determine if cleaning procedures are being carried out properly, react to out of specification results more effectively, spot any reoccurring deviation from specifications, speed up any root cause investigations and provide a clear audit trail.

Visuals corona swab floor plan

Results can be filtered by date and by test type allowing to search for and isolate only the information needed.

Tailor Made to Your Needs.

Multiple plans can be loaded into ALSolutions to provide the clearest vision of the environment being monitored.

Drain or water systems, production or packing lines, in house laboratories, etc. can be used without limitation. Once results are mapped onto images – they can be viewed online and exported to an Excel workbook.

The ALS Consultancy team are able to provide either access to VisuALS for the client to set up the system application themselves or alternatively provide a fully managed service.

Pricing of the fully managed service is built around a set-up fee and the number of co-ordinates required on the plans. Any large scale updates to co-ordinates and plans may be subject to a further set up fee.

production site using visuals

fllor plan with visuals

VisuALS works alongside the advice for setting up testing, sampling and interpretation of results that ALS are able to offer to all clients confidentiality.

To discuss your requirements with the Consultancy Team email: [email protected]