Do you like giving your opinion on new products?

Consumer testing

ALS is recruiting for members of the public to take part in remunerated market research and user testing events such as focus groups and interviews and give their opinion on a wide range of food and non-food products.

The testing will be carried out at:

ALS Laboratories UK Limited

Unit 7 & 8 Aspen Court,

Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

S60 1FB. UK

Consumer testing

Joining our database is 100% free. We keep your personal information confidential and safe in full accordance with GDPR, and use it only to match you to the right research projects. Participation to testing sessions is occasional only.
Sign up with us to receive invitations to review the products that you use such as:
  • Tasting and reviewing new drinks, snacks and food
  • Giving us your opinion and reviewing non-food household products
  • Participating to small focus group to discuss your feelings, perceptions, and thoughts about a particular product, service, or solution.
Sessions last for about 1h-1h30 and are usually run between 10am and 2pm on week days. You will receive a £10-£20 remuneration for each session you attend.