COVID-19 Surface Swabbing and Detection

As one of the UK’s leading laboratory groups, ALS has been keen to find practical ways of helping our clients through the current Coronavirus crisis. Following the good work already underway at other ALS sites around the world, our UK hub laboratory in Chatteris can provide routine analysis of critical environmental surfaces to determine the extent and persistence of COVID-19. The results will help you monitor and strengthen the effectiveness of your sanitization measures within your facility.

ALS can assist to minimise coronovirus business fears by identifying SARS-CoV-2 on contaminated surfaces within your facility.

Sample Analysis

» Molecular test for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 in swab samples of environmental surfaces by real-time reverse transcription PCR.

» The nucleic acid is extracted, purified, and reverse transcribed into cDNA followed by nucleic acid amplification and detection.

» A positive result indicates the presence of SARS-CoV-2 genetic material.

Where to swab

Help protect your employees by identifying which surfaces in your facility may play a role in the onwards transmission of COVID-19. Identify and list common areas where employees, vendors or clients gather or touch as they pass through your place of business.

Common surfaces include:

» Clocking in devices

» Restrooms

» Doors and Handles

» Retail Storage Shelves

» Trolleys

» Deli Counters

» Food Contact Surfaces

» Shared Equipment

🕒 24–48 hour turnaround time


CV19 corona virus swabbing guide 1

CV19 corona virus swabbing guide 2

Covid swab testing space 1

Sampling kit

Covid swab testing space 2

*Not suitable for human or animal testing


If you would like information on COVID-19 Surface Swabbing and Detection please contact the Client Services Team who can to assist with your enquiry: