Extended Allergen ELISA capabilities – Peanut, Soya and Egg - available from the Eclipse

Thursday 19th April 2012

Eclipse Scientific Group is pleased to inform you that following the completion of a validation project, we are now able to extend our allergen service to include analysis of Peanut, Soya and Egg in food and swab samples.

The method uses automated ELISA technology in our purpose built allergen-testing laboratory at Chatteris.

This extension to our service means that we are now able to provide internal analysis of six key allergens - Gluten (Gliadin), Casein and Sulphites (residual SO2)being the others.

If you wish to discuss the methodology or have any queries regarding the details of the tests, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services Team on 01354 697 028 or email us at [email protected].