Webinar: Historical food poisoning outbreaks- What lessons have been learned?

Wednesday 11th May 2022

It’s always good to learn from your mistakes, and with every problem there should always be a lesson to be learned and an improvement action to be implemented. If that were the case, then you would think that given the number of historical outbreaks, every potential cause of food poisoning would have been identified and actions would have been taken to prevent them from happening again.

Recent high profile food poisoning outbreaks clearly illustrate that we are facing a constant battle to eliminate every potential source of microbiological contamination of food products, but lessons can always be learnt, and in this webinar we look back at historical outbreaks and identify the resultant improvement actions that they brought about.

From Cholera outbreaks in London in the 1850’s, an outbreak of Typhoid in Aberdeen in the 1960’s, and a Canadian Listeriosis outbreak in 2008 (along with many others), we look at what went wrong, and more importantly what lessons were learned and what changes to food manufacturing were implemented as a result of the outbreak.

• Date: 24th May 2022
• Duration: 60 minutes including Q&A
• Speaker: Andy Muirhead - ALS Company Microbiologist
• Cost: £45 + VAT
• Start time: 14:00 GMT

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